Patient Stories


“I am an advocate and a metastatic breast cancer thriver. I am telling my story because a PET scan likely prolonged my life. For years, I have had a PET/CT scan every 12 weeks. Getting the image right matters to my treatment plan and my life.”


“For my first two scans, Baptist used a technology to check the effectiveness of the injection of radiopharmaceutical I was given for the PET scan. This gave me great comfort knowing the radiopharmaceutical was injected properly and circulating through my body and localizing in the tumors.”


“As a patient with a nuclear medicine background, I knew the importance of a good injection for the accuracy of my images and my diagnosis. I needed the peace of mind that the Lara® System provides to patients, so I traveled to a distant center that uses Lara. It was worth it.”

Paul and His Daughter

“There was also stress watching your child having an IV started during her PET scans and I often wondered if all the radiopharmaceutical was in her circulation. This added even more stress on top of what the scan results would show.”

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