Extravasation Rates

The following studies reported extravasation rates using either retrospective image review or prospective monitoring technology.

PET/CT Extravasation rate: 16.6% (8 studies, 20 centers, 6,231 patients)
Paper Center Method Scans/Patients N Extravasation N Extravasation Rate
Osman M.M., et.al, FDG dose extravasations in PET/CT: frequency and impact on SUV measurements.  Saint Louis University Retrospective Image Review 400 42 10.5%
Hall N., et.al, Impact of FDG extravasation on SUV measurements in clinical PET/CT. Should we routinely scan the injection site?  The Ohio State University Retrospective Image Review 190 39 21.0%
Bains A., et.al, Contamination in 18F-FDG PET/CT: An initial experience.  Saint Louis University Retrospective Image Review 540 60 11.1%
Krumrey S., et.al, FDG manual injection verses infusion system: a comparison of dose precision and extravasation. Saint Louis University Retrospective Image Review 196 12 6.1%
Silva-Rodriguez J., et.al, Correction for FDG PET dose extravasations: Monte Carlo validation and quantitative evaluation of patient studies. Complexo Hospitalario Universitario
de Santiago de Compostela
Retrospective Image Review 1,367 246 18.0%
Muzaffar, R., et al., Novel method to detect and characterize (18)F-FDG infiltration at the injection site: a single-institution experience. Saint Louis University Prospective Monitoring Technology 109 26 23.9%
Wong TZ, et.al., Quality Improvement Initiatives to Assess and Improve PET/CT Injection Infiltration Rates at Multiple Centers. 7  centers  Prospective Monitoring Technology 2,429 150 6.2%
Sunderland JJ, et.al, Multicenter Evaluation of Frequency and Impact of Activity Infiltration in PET Imaging, Including Microscale Modeling of Skin-Absorbed Dose. 10 centers Retrospective Image Review 1,000 460 46.0%
    Totals: 6,231 1,035 16.6%
General Nuclear Medicine Extravasation Rate: 20.4% (4 studies, 11 centers, 1,050 patients)
Paper Center Method Scans/Patients N Extravasation N Extravasation Rate
McIntosh C., et.al, Frequency of Interstitial Radiotracer Injection for Patients Undergoing Bone Scan, in The Canadian Association of Radiologists. 9 centers Retrospective Image Review 450 79 17.6%
Meyer A, et.al, Importance of Injection Site Image in DaTscans. Mayo Clinic Retrospective Image Review 200 29 14.5%
Fernandes D, et.al, Radiopharmaceutical extravasation in bone scintigraphy: a cross-sectional study.  Portuguese Institute
of Oncology of Porto
Retrospective Image Review 400 106 26.5%
    Totals: 1,050 214 20.4%
Nuclear Medicine Extravasation Rate: 17.2% (12 studies, 31 centers, 7,281 patients)