Meet Debbie

When I was a nuclear medicine technologist, I always did my best to ensure my radiopharmaceutical injections were successful. However, sometimes I unintentionally infiltrated my patients. Interestingly, years later, I find myself working for the company that makes the Lara® System. Lara produces a time-activity curve of the injection and helps technologist identify infiltrations immediately and prevent them in the future.

Recently, I learned I needed a cardiac PET scan. As a patient with a nuclear medicine background, I knew the importance of a good injection to the accuracy of my images and my diagnosis. I needed the peace of mind that Lara provides to patients, so I traveled to a distant center that uses Lara. It was worth it. Lara’s time-activity curve indicated a perfect injection, which meant I could trust the image results. Happily, these results were perfect. Now, I can continue my efforts to get all centers to use Lara so every patient can have confidence in their test results.