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Nuclear medicine uses radioactive drugs to create images or deliver therapy for 20M patients every year in the US

Benefits far exceed risks

Your treatment plan requires complete delivery of the radioactive drug

Misadministration of a radioactive drug into your tissue is called extravasation.

Key facts about extravasations

Can go unnoticed

They may not hurt, cause
swelling, or be in the imaging
field of view.

Occur frequently*

On average, 1 in 6 nuclear
medicine patients is extravasated
in the United States.

Can harm patients*

extravasations can
compromise your care.
How do you know if the radioactive drug was delivered completely into your vein?

The Lara System —
Clarity and Confidence

  • Real-time feedback confirms proper delivery
  • Electronic record provides your physician with information so they can make the best decision about your care


  • Gentle but effective adhesive pads
  • Only 20 seconds added to your nuclear medicine procedure
  • Passive sensor technology — no additional radiation exposure

Lara is available in the United States

If your center uses Lara, ask
for a copy of your Lara
injection quality report.

If your center doesn’t have Lara
yet, ask them to add Lara to
the nuclear medicine team.

Every nuclear medicine patient deserves an ideal radioactive drug administration

Having Lara by your side provides peace of mind that your nuclear medicine procedure was not compromised by an extravasation