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Reduce Radiopharmaceutical Extravasations

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You strive to give patients your best

As a nuclear medicine team member, you administer radiation to patients who need your help.

You want confidence that you’re delivering the best care with the lowest risk to your patients.

A hidden mistake can compromise your patient care

Some procedures do not image the injection site, so you may not know when your patient has a non-ideal injection. And even if you image the injection site, you still don’t know what happened during the uptake period. Insight into the uptake period is vital to understanding the consequences of a non-ideal injection to your patient and their care.
You perform many quality checks to ensure safe and effective nuclear medicine procedures. But these checks cannot confirm injection accuracy.
How do you know if an injection is ideal?
If not ideal, what is the impact to your patient?

The Lara® System — for your best every time

Lara helps identify injection errors in seconds, evaluate their impact within minutes, and reduce their frequency within months.

  • Real data to give you confidence
  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective
  • Adds 20 seconds to the patient experience and 1 minute for technologists

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Monitoring with Lara — peace of mind that your patients are receiving the highest quality procedures