Nuclear Medicine Project: Injection Quality Varies Widely, Can Be Improved

Quality of Resulting PET/CT Image Depends on Center and Technologist Performing Radiopharmaceutical Injection. Press Release

NRC Advisory Committee to Reevaluate 1980 Nuclear Medicine Policy

Policy Exempted Reporting of Flawed Injections of Radiopharmaceuticals. Lucerno Dynamics CEO: Update Policy to Protect Patients, Improve Care, and Prevent. Press Release

Assessing and Reducing FDG-PET/CT Radiotracer Infiltrations: Lessons in Quality Improvement Sustainability

Carilion Clinic’s experience with Lucerno’s system for quality assurance for PET injections was featured in a poster presentation at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network meeting in Orlando.

Lucerno Dynamics has simplified the ISO 13485:2016 Certification Process with Greenlight Guru

Lucerno use of electronic Quality Management System published as a case study by the software vendor, Greenlight Guru.

CE Marking

Lucerno Dynamics has completed CE mark self-certification.

Study spotlights variable injection quality in medical imaging

SmartBrief interviews Lara®-QI Project presenters Dr. David Townsend and Dr. Jackson Kiser .

With Study Complete, Lucerno eyes commercialization

The Triangle Business Journal notes that the Lara®-QI project has been completed and presented at SNMMI (subscription required).

ISO 13485:2016 certification

Lucerno Dynamics earns ISO 13485:2016 certification

Evaluating Radiopharmaceutical Administration Quality: A Journey of Process Improvement in PET/CT

The Uptake newsletter of the SNMMI Technologist Section publishes an article written by two technologists that participated in Lucerno’s multi-center quality improvement project Lara®-QI that describes their experiences as front-line users of Lara® System.

United States Patent

Lucerno Dynamics second patent issued by USPTO.

Executive Voice: Taking a sharp look at cancer

The Triangle Business Journal publishes an interview with Ron Lattanze (subscription required).

Radiotracer injection quality study launched by Lucerno

The SNMMI SmartBrief publishes a synopsis of the Lara®-QI study in their daily update, directing readers to the WRAL Techwire report for more information.